: Description: Writing Paper templates are PowerPoint templates ready for the students to begin writing... You must first save the file to your computer by "Right Click > Save Target As." Choose where you want to save the file and then click "Save"... Now you and your students are ready to begin writing. [ More Information ]
: Description: Whole Class Participation - Most of these games are designed for use in a classroom setting where the teacher has their computer hooked up to a projector or large screen TV so that everyone in the class can view them... Games for Individual Student Use - Most of these games are designed to be used in a one computer to one student set up. Most are simple drill and practice games, but some can be modified to encourage problem solving skills. [ More Information ]
: Description: Free microsoft Power point presentations biology chemistry maths english history physics geography spanish powerpoints... Use and alter these microsoft power point presentations freely or any power point template used in the presentations. [ More Information ]
: Description: Thanks to Missy for sending this presentation on conclusive research about chocolates. [ More Information ]
: Description: Another reason why Canada is a great country!.. View the Power Point to see the proof... Turn up the volume! [ More Information ]
: Description: Files that can easily be adapted to your own needs. These are especially good for elementary teachers. [ More Information ]
: Description: Over 180 Power Point presentations here that range from a dozen to over 145 slides each. There are subjects such as AP American/European History, Global Studies, and Early European Civilization. Level : pre school, The cost of this resource is Free, [ More Information ]
: Description: A great collection...check this one out! [ More Information ]

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