: Description: Informative and teacher-friendly...check these out. [ More Information ]
: Description: A collaborative learning game for the iPad focusing on US History... The game can be played by 1-6 players. As a single player game, a series of historical events are presented on the screen and the goal of the game is to place the events onto a timeline at the bottom of the screen in the correct sequence. When the event placed on the line is correct the date appears below. [ More Information ]
: Description: This app is the easiest way to get the history information you need. The application shows all the major events that happened on that day... Created for history, trivia, and knowledge lovers. [ More Information ]
: Description: An app which shows the list of important events from USA history. Each event includes a hot-link to the appropriate entry of Wikipedia. This will help users get more information about the event. The application also features the maps of important times, list of important people, and comparison table of USA history and World history. [ More Information ]

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