Halloween and Valentines

: Description: Stimulating Halloween activities, brain teasers, games and ideas to amuse everyone. [ More Information ]
: Description: Pumpkin Painting Patterns, Instructions and Step-By-Step Photos - everything you need to paint an awesome pumpkin in just about an Hour! [ More Information ]
: Description: Multiplication game for three or four persons. Place the cards into a plastic container. Each participant, one at a time, picks a card. The player reads and answers the chosen card. If the answer is correct, the player keeps the card. If the answer is incorrect, player puts card back into the container. If a player chooses a "coal" card, all of his/her cards are put into the plastic container. The first person collecting ten cards wins the game. [ More Information ]
: Description: DIY creative games... Tons of party theme games ideas... Printable birthday games, invitations, and supplies... Party ideas and games for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. [ More Information ]
: Description: Shows you how to organize a private party for friends at your home, or organize a complete event in the block with a touch of specialty and magic. [ More Information ]

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