Writing Skills

: Description: This comprehensive book will show you: * What you need to consider before you start writing your book * The different types of children's books * Why children's fiction is different from other fiction * What is important in children's fiction * How to create believable characters * How to write realistic dialogue *How to make sure your reader is 'hooked' after the first two pages * How to show your reader instead of telling them * Plotting and creating your book * Editing and polishing your work to a professional standard *The most common problems of novice writers [ More Information ]
: Description: This ebook allows you to develop, design, and write a professional quality how-to book so you can share your knowledge and passion with others. [ More Information ]
: Description: An international writing project, the limericks frequently use local spellings, grammar, punctuation and, most likely, rhymes that may not be familiar to all readers. Please keep in mind that what may at first look like an error is more likely to be an appropriate regionalism, correct according to the standards of the writer's home country. [ More Information ]

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