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Wandering The Earth
Thanks John E

You are at a point on the Earth, travel 1 mile south then turn left and travel 1 mile east.
You then turn left again and travel 1 mile north and find that you are back exactly where you started
and shoot a bear.

Question: What is the color of the bear?"

That's the easy part.
The second part is more challenging:

"Where else on the surface of the Earth can you be (no bears) and travel 1 mile south, 1 mile east,
1 mile north
and find that you're back exactly at your starting place".
This is not a trick question.
No lumps or bumps, mountains, etc.
Imagine the Earth as a perfectly smooth sphere.

I came up with 2 infinite sets of solutions! But ignore that; it will just lead to confusion.
Question: Can you find one solution?

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