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Thanks Dietician

salt shaker

When unsalted, certain foods lose their appeal.  
Five people Bionce, Hugo, Elvis, Madonna and Jane cut back on salt.
He or she could no longer eats a different unsalted food.  
1. Madonna discovered that crustaceans are not the same without that little extra pinch of salt.
2. Four of the five people are: Jane, Alfredson, Fitzgerald and the one who gave up truffles.
3. Zuccharelli and the person who gave up truffles are of opposite sexes.
4. The person who gave up radishes (she is a woman) isn’t named Landescog.
5. Alfredson and the person who gave up rhubarb are of opposite sexes.
6. The person who gave up peanuts does not have the surname (last name) Alfredson or Landescog.
7. Elvis (whose surname is not Fittzgerald or MacDavid) didn’t give up rhubarb or truffles.

What is each persons’ full name and the food that he or she no longer eats?

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