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Townhouses On A Golf Course
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Six luxury townhouses have been sold at the Cornwall Golf And Country Club to six couples.
Males: Justin, Gary, Marc, Mervyn, Trevor, Sam
Females: Alexy, Briana, Crissy, Nadine, Sophie, Tara

1. Justin and his wife, Briana, have taken the townhouse that has an external north-facing wall and is next door to that of Gary and next door but one to Tara, whose townhouse is even numbered.
2. Marc's townhouse does not have an external south-facing wall.
3. Nadine has an odd-numbered townhouse that is the same number of townhouses away from the townhouse owned by Gary as Crissy is from that of Mervyn, whose townhouse is even numbered.
4. Trevor's wife is not Sophie.
5. The sum of the numbers of the townhouses of Mervyn and Nadine equals the sum of those of Trevor and Briana.
6. Nadine does not live next door to Tara.
townhouses map
Can you identify which couple has bought which property?

Townhouse #1: Sam & Nadine
Townhouse #2: Marc & Crissy
Townhouse #3: Trevor & Alexy
Townhouse #4: Justin & Briana
Townhouse #5: Gary & Sophie
Townhouse #6: Mervyn & Tara

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