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Rubber Ducky Race

rubber duck

A  Rubber Ducky Race was held along the Saint Lawrence River.
The participants were : Doug, Kerry, Nora, Suzie, Trish.
The rubber ducks were: Alydar, Flash, Northern Dancer, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat.
The posted times were: 3621 seconds, 3638 seconds, 3644 seconds, 7205 seconds, 10817 seconds.

1. The orange-striped ducky, which was not Trish's, took 1 hour 38 minutes to complete the race.
2. Alydar, belonging to Suzie, took longer to complete the race than Northern Dancer, who wore a red stripe.
3. Kerry's green-striped  rubber duck  (who is not named Secretariat), took less than two hours to cross the  finishing line.
4. Sea Biscuit's time for the race was 3 hours 17 minutes and his identifying stripe was not pink.
5. Doug's rubber duck finished in 1 hour 44 minutes.

Question :
Can you name the owner of each rubber duck, identify the stripe and the time each duck took to cross the finishing line?

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