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Thanks Birdbrain

1. Where was the first potato found?
     Answer : In the ground.
2. If three cats kill three rats in three minutes, how long will it take hundred cats to kill hundred rats?
    Answer : Three minutes.
3. What always goes to sleep wearing its shoes?
    Answer : A horse.
4. I'm like a ribbon, tied by nature, across the sky,
    Answer : A rainbow.
5. How do you  write nineteen that if one is taken out, then it remains twenty.
     Answer : XIX -  when one is taken out, its remains XX.
6.  Which part of London in France?
      Answer : The N
7. Why is your nose not twelve inches long?
     Answer : Because it would be a foot.
8. What is the largest ant in the world?
     Answer : An elephant.
9. What is the most shocking city in the world?
    Answer : Electricity.
10. Why was Pakistan's cricket team given cigarette lighters?
       Answer : Because they lost all their matches.

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