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Nascar Nicknames


Race car drivers (Dale Jr, Danica P, Jeff B, Jeff G, Ryan N, Tony S) have nicknames ( Honey Badger, Mayor, Pied Piper, Rainbow Warrior, Rocket Man, Smoke)

Jeff B and Smoke often crash.
Honey Badger, Rocket Man  and Tony S have big egos.
Rocket Man parks his car next to Smoke and Dale Jr.
Danica P is tougher than the Mayor
Jeff B is not Rocket Man
Yesterday Tony S punched the Mayor
Dale Jr is also know as Little E.
Rainbow Warrior is a Jeff.
Yesterday Pied Piper had lunch with Tony S and Danica P.
Ryan N is taller than the Mayor and balder than Pied Piper.
Danica P is friends with Rocket Man.

Question : Can you match he Nascar driver and the nickname?

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