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iPad Apps

Five start-ups are seeking to increase revenues.
They have created five iPad Apps: Hungry Birds, Noodle Jump, Kazzam, Zoombies, PedagoTube.
Each app belongs to a different classification : Productivity, Lifestyle, Social Networking, Music, Entertainment.
Each app develops a special ability : dexterity, balance, composure, coordination, muscle tone.
Each app differs in size ; lkb, 3kb, 5kb, 7kb, 11kb.

Hints :
Hungry Birds (which isn't the smallest app) is less than half the size of Zoombies.
PedagoTube (which isn't a Lifestyle app) is farther from the top selling app than the dexterity app but nearer the top than the entertainment app.
The fourth iPad app is smaller than Kazzam.
The entertainment app does not develop muscle tone.
The productivity app is in fifth place.
Zoombies is just ahead of Hungry Birds but immediately after the largest app.
Zoombies which is the composure app is smaller than PedagoTube
Noodle Jump, which isnt the top selling app, does not develop balance.
The coordination app is neither Hungry Birds (which develops muscle tone) nor PedagoTube.

Question :
Can you put the iPad apps in order from the most popular (first) to the least popular (fifth) and match each with its size, type and ability?

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