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Ice Fishing

Réjean, Ellery, Wilf and Marcel love ice fishing.
They fish on Gray's Creek, Ottawa River, Clayton Lake and on the Cornwall GCC Pond (hole 17).
They use the following lures : Pinkie Minnow, Wilson's Snipe, Super Sonic, Flatfish.
Their fishing lines measure : 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m

- Fishing on hole 17 at the Cornwall GCC, with a Flatfish lure, Réjean uses a fishing line shorter than Wilf's 

  who does not fish at Clayton Lake with a Super Sonic lure.
- The fisherman using the Pinkie Minnow lure, who is not Ellery, uses a fishing line shorter than 4m.
- Ottawa River is fished by a fishing line longer than 2m.
- Wilf does not like the Pinkie Minnow lure.
- Ellery uses a fishing line shorter than 4m but does not fish on Gray's Creek or Clayton Lake.

Can you identify the fishermen's fishing spot, lure and length of fishing line?

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