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google and facebook

Facebook and Google decide to join forces to help gather funds for worthy charities.
Each of the five Google board members Larry, Diane, Sergey, Eric and Shona teamed up with one of the Facebook board members Sheryl, Theodore, Jeff, Dustin and Mark to present a different fundraising idea for a promotion gimmick.
The fundraising suggestions were : free shares,  a free boat,  a free house, a free airplane or a free car at the joint board meeting.

1. Eric and Jeff  were paired; they didn't give the last presentation.
2. Mark and his partner were fourth to present an idea.
3. Shona's team spoke immediately after Sheryl's, but some time before the pair that proposed a free house.
4. Sheryl (whose team didn't come up with the idea of free shares) spoke sometime later than Dustin and his partner.
5. Sergey was on the second team to speak.
6. A free car wasn't the first idea presented, but it was presented immediately before Larry and his partner spoke, which         was sometime before one team recommended giving a free airplane.

Question :
Can you match each pair of board members with their idea, and find the order in which the five teams made their presentations?

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