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ancient ereader

Five librarians are discussing their favorite type of literature.
Each of the three women (Angela, GaGa and Lisa) and two men (Bill and John) prefers a different kind of literature : fiction, prose, myth, short story or brain teasers.
Each uses a different kind of eReader : Kindle, Nook, Cybook, eSlick and eDGe.
Their last names are : Gates, Buffet, Bezos, PedagoNet and Whitman.

Hints :
John (who isn't PedagoNet) likes myth literature best.
The two persons who prefer the eDGe  and the Cybook are Angela and Ms. Bezos in some order.
PedagoNet never uses the Kindle or the Cybook.
Neither GaGa Whitman nor the man who loves fiction owns an eSlick.
Angela (who isn't Gates) loves to read prose.
Lisa doesn't own a Cybook.
The one who prefers short stories never uses the eDGe.

Question :
Can you match each person's full name with his or her literature preference?

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