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Ronald, François, Luciano and Roland are airplane pilots.
They are flying to Hanmer, Pitouneville, V-Town and Kirkland Lake.
They abandon their posts because of depression, intoxication, a cold and dizziness.
They are replaced by the co-pilot, the hostess, a passenger and the steward.

Hints     - The hostess did not replace Ronald and was not going to V-Town or Kirkland Lake.
                - The drunken pilot was not Luciano or Roland and was not flying to Kirkland Lake or Pitouneville.
                - The depressive pilot going to V-Town was not replaced by the co-pilot.
                - Roland does ot have a cold and is not depressed and was not replaced by the hostess or a passenger.
                - François was replaced by his co-pilot.
                - Luciano is flying to Pitouneville.

Question : Who is flying the planes ?

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