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After School Activities

Kelley is a very active high school student.
Every day after school, Monday through Friday, she participates in different activities : (basketball, dance, KungFu, guitar, and yoga).
Each activity is taught or coached by a different adult : Beyonce, Derek, Samantha, Travis and Vivian.
Kelley  has known her instructors for a different number of years (one through five).

Hints :

- The instructors' family names are :Baccarach, Costello, Gionta, Harrison and Williamson.
- Gionta has known Kelley for five years.
- Derek is either the first or the last instructor of the week.
- Kelley has known Williamson one year less than Beyonce, and one year more than her yoga instructor,
- Kelley has known Samantha one year longer than her basketball coach, and one year less than her guitar teacher.
- Guitar and KungFu are both taught by men.
- Kelley has her weekly guitar lesson the day before she sees Costello, and the day after she sees Gionta.
- The instructor who has known Kelley for three years sees her each week the day before Mr. Harrrison and the day after the other male instructor.

Question :
Can you determine the day on which Kelley goes to each activity, the full name of each instructor  and the number of years she has known each of them.

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