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Scary Riddles
Thanks Boris K.


Why did the ghost take his family on an elevator ride every day? 
What kind of street does a ghost live on?
What kind of music do ghosts like? 
What kind of cars do ghosts drive? 
What is a vampires favorite test? 
What does a skeleton order at a restaurant? 
What do you get when a mummy joins a band? 
What’s a zombie’s favorite breakfast cereal? 
Where does a girl ghost go to get her hair done? 
What do children ghosts have for lunch? 
What is a ghost’s favorite oatmeal? 
What do goblins mail home on vacation? 
At ghost school what does the teacher say when a student has the correct answer? 
Who did the ghost invite to his party? 
What do baby ghosts wear on their feet? 
What did the papa ghost say to his children when they got in the car? 
What kind of pets do ghosts have? 
What is the little ghost’s favorite party game? 
What does a ghost put on his cereal in the morning?

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