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Trick Or Treat

halloween witch

To prepare for Halloween and create interest, the local newspaper decided to publish pictures of people in Halloween costumes.
The participants were : a musician, a dentist, a plumber, an electrician, a professor, an accountant.
Each picture appeared on a different day from Monday through Saturday,
Each person wore a different Halloween costume.
The costumes were : Lady Gaga, Batman, Potato Head, Oscar The Grouch, Spiderman, Vampire.
The six people photograped were identified only by their first names : Jennifer, Matthew, Sarah, Tyler, Jessica, Justin.

Question : Can you find the first name, the occupation, and the Halloween costume of each day's photo subject?

1- The musician appeared two days before Matthew.
2- The person costumed as Potato Head appeared one day after the dentist, but one day before Tyler.
3- Matthew wasn't Batman.
4- The plumber (who didn't appeared on Wednesday) isn't Sarah.
5- Tyler wasn't dressed as Lady Gaga.
6- The electrician and Spiderman appeared on consecutive days, in one order or the other.
7- The professor is neither Matthew nor Jessica.
8- Jennifer, who was photographed neither as Oscar The Grouch  nor as Potato Head, is not a dentist.
9- Jessica appeared one day after Batman, who appeared one day after the plumber.
10- The dentist, who wasn't wearing the Lady Gaga costume, isn't Matthew.
11- Jessica, who isn't the musician or the accountant, wasn't photographed as Potato Head.

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