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Côme, Lewis, Donald and André try to catch pike, pickerel, perch and trout.

They use innovative fishing techniques know as : snap, spoon, fly and luck.

The fishing poles measure : 2,70m, 3m, 3,50m and 4m.

Hints     :
- To fish trout with the "luck" technique, André uses a pole that is shorter than Lewis' who did not
   fish for perch or use the fly method.
- The fisherman using the spoon technique is not Côme. He used a fishing pole less than 3,50m.
- The pickerel was caught by a pole longer than 2,70m.
- Côme used a pole measuring less than 3,50m but he did not fish for pike or perch.

Question: Which technique and length of pole did each person use?

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