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Eco-Friendly Hybrid Cars


The promise of lesser fuel consumption and environmental friendliness are the reasons many automobile drivers test drive hybrid cars.

Eco-friendly hybrid cars run on both fuel and battery-powered engines, consume less fuel, thus reducing the price pressures on consumers in the midst of an global oil crisis.

These cars emit significantly less smog pollutants in the air, compared to traditional fuel-operated cars.

Delphine and her family test drive four eco-friendly hybrid cars.

On each week day from Wednesday through Saturday, a different family member takes a test drive to a different city.

- The Toyota Prius test drive either took place on Wednesday or went to Cornwall or did both.
- The Honda Insight drive and the father's tour took place either on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, or on           Thursday and Saturday respectively.
- The Mother drove either the Ford Fusion or the car that toured Ottawa but she did not do both.
- The grand-mother's test drive and the ride to Toronto were either on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, or on      Thursday and Saturday respectively.
- The grand father's test drive happened at least two days after the Porsche Cayenne test run.
- The test drive to Montreal wasn't on Friday.

Can you determine the day of the test drive, the city visited, the family member who drove the car, and the model of hybrid car?

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