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Flat Screen Television

flat screen plasma lcd

Which is the best flat screen television?
Some choose plasma televisions while others opt for LCD.

With information in hand, Gina, Kobe, Steve, Delphine, and William purchase a television.
They buy their respective television at : Sears, Best Buy, Future Shop, Leon's and Ikea.
Each person chooses a different brand of television: Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, LG.
Each one picked a different size tv : 36", 40", 46", 52", 60".

- Gina and the person who bought at Ikea chose a Panasonic and a 36" television.
- The one who bought at Sears did no choose a 46" TV.
- Neither Gina nor Delphine (one of whom bought a Samsung television) chose the 40" or the 52" television.
- Neither the one who chose  the 46" TV (who did not buy at Leon's) nor Kobe who went to Future Shop is the owner    of the Panasonic or the Sony.
- The Sharp television is 40" in size.
- The five friends are : Delphine, William, the one who bought at Leon's, the person who purchased the Sony and the    one who chose the 60" television.

Question :
Can you identify the store, the brand,  the size of the television for each person?

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