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Ronald, Denis, Léo and Daniel own these bars: Ti-coq, Belle-Vue, Moulin Rouge and Château Kap.

The bars are in Larder Lake, King Kirkland, Federal and Chaput Hughes.

They were opened in 1952, 1969, 1992 and 1996.

Hints    :  - The bar in Chaput Hughes, which opened in 1969, does not belong to Denis.
                  - The "Château Kap" opened by Daniel, but not in 1992, is not in Larder Lake nor in King Kirkland.
                  - The "Belle Vue" is not in Larder Lake.
                  - "Ti-coq", which opened in King Kirkland before1992, does not belong to Léo or Denis.
                  - The "Moulin Rouge" opened in 1992.

Question: What are the opening dates of these watering holes?

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