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Vancouver Winter Olympics

To help promote the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Whistler Ski Resort held a celebrity ski race.
The five participants were Jean Claude, Ken, Horst, Steve and Patrick.

Each represented a different ski resort :
Le Massif,
Blue Mountain,
Mont Tremblant

Can you identify each skier's full name , the ski resort each represented and the time posted by each racer?

Hints :
Their last names are : Biggs, Read, Killy, Bulau and Podborski.
Their times were :
- The Whistler skier finished three seconds ahead of Ken.
- The Mont Tremblant skier finished next ahead of Horst, and next behind Mr. Biggs.
- The skier from Blue Mountain finished next ahead of Mr. Read, and next behind Mr. Podborski.
- Mr, Biggs finished three seconds ahead of the man who skis at Le Massif.
- Steve finished some place ahead of Patrick, and some place behind Mr. Killy.

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