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Tiger's Drive

fire hydrant
Tiger has always been known as an erratic driver.
In order to spend more time during the day with his family, Tiger decides to take up night time driving.

One night, while heading out to the driving range, he decides to take only his driver, his wood, a graphite shaft and his putter.
Unfortunately, he cannot find his head cover, his glove, his hat and his golf balls.

After a frantic search, each item was  found in a different spot :
behind the bar, in the bedroom, in the refrigerator, under the table.

Hints :
1- The head cover and the driver were not found under the table.
2- The shaft and the wood did not turn up behind the bar.
3- The head cover was not with the wood or the putter.
4- The putter and the wood were not behind the bar.
5 The items in the bedroom were not the hat, the shaft or the balls.

Tiger left in a frenzy!

Question : Where was each item found?

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