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Balloon Boy Rides Again

hot air balloon
Balloon Boy's family is seeking more publicity.
Mom, dad, balloon boy and balloon girl organize a race.
They will be using flying apparatus to compete for fame.

1. Mom uses the brown flying apparatus which is not a hot air balloon.
2. The para sailer finishes immediately behind the yellow flying apparatus.
3. Dad does not fly using arm wings, nor does he use the blue flying gear, which comes in fourth
4. The hang glider finishes ahead of the hot air balloon, and the hot air balloon finishes two places ahead of the para sailer.
5. Balloon Boy  finishes immediately behind Ballon Girl.

Question :
From the above clues, can you determine the flying apparatus, the flyer, the colour (one was crimson) and the order of finish?

See answer
driftwood sailboats 

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