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World Recession


A world recession is wreaking havoc.

To help alleviate this situation, the UN (United Nations) has called upon the world's billionaires to remedy this disaster.

The UN is asking for donations from the world's billionaires to help countries in crisis.

- The UN does not receive five billion dollars for the USA.
- Oleg Deripaska helps the UN exactly two days before the UN receives help for Mexico.
- One billion dollars is offered to the Ukraine after Tuesday but before Friday.

- Warren Buffet helps the UN exactly after Lakshmi Mittal.
- Carlos Slim Hetu offers money to the UN to help India.
- Four billion dollars are given exatly before the two billion dollar offer but not to help Mexico.
- Rinat Akhmetov does not give three billion dollars to the UN.
- The Mexican billionaire is generous on Monday.

Can you identify the day, the country, the amount of money and the billionaires who help the United Nations?

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