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Adventures of the Condo Commando
chicken wings
Having completed all his phone calls, the Condo Commando (aka KC) and friends decide it is time to celebrate at Buffalo Chips.

Upon arrival at the fine dining establishment, each person orders his/her favorite wings and drinks.

1. Two persons consumed all their wings and beer. Ron and the person who ordered medium wings had left-over         wings and beer.
2. The person who ate mild wings drank Coors Light.
3. The four friends are : Linda, the person who drank Molson Light, the person who ate spicy wings, and the person       whose beer was 1/2 full after lunch.
4. After lunch, the Busch Light drinker had food  left , but it wasn't suicide wings.
5. Ron drank Labatt's Blue. Richelle's beer was not Busch Light . She ate and drank all her order.
6. The spicy wings were the least popular item. Many were left for doggie bag take home!

What kind of chicken wings did each person order?
What kind of drink did each person order?
How much wings and beer did each person have left 
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