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Language Of Origin


The English language has a multitude of words that come from other languages.

Ten languages have influenced English vocabulary :

Latin, Arabic, French, Slavic, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Greek, Spanish.

Question :Can you find the language of origin of each of the following English words?

Hint : Each language has contributed 5 words    

alligator,    apathy,       angst,       amenable,    azure,    ambivalent,    artichoke,    access,    amicable,    adobe
arsenal      admiral       aquatic    animosity     boudoir   balcony          bongo          burrito      ballot            chagrin
chronic      finale           fatigue      futon            gondola   gulag             hamster       harpoon   irony              ninja
manicure   mammoth   pistachio  pretzel        noodle      panic             origami        robot        tundra           ticket
tofu             tornado       tycoon       vanilla        vampire    waffle            walrus           waltz         yacht            zephyr

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