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World Cup

News Flash!
The World Cup football (soccer) stars agree to change teams in order to make for better competition.

Here are the details :
Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham and Figo are 32, 33, 34 and 35 years old.
Their sweaters are blue, green, red and yellow.
They play for Brazil, England, Portugal and France.

Hints :
Ronaldo who is really 35 years old does not wear a yellow sweater.
Beckham is not 34 years old.
Portugal's red sweater does not belong to Zidane or Ronaldo but is worn by the 32 year old player.
The player from Brazil does not wear a blue sweater . It is not worn by the 35 year old star.
Figo, now playing for England, is 1 year younger than the player wearing the green sweater.
The player wearing green does not play for Brazil.
The 33 year old football star plays for Brazil.

Question : Can you name the football stars' age, country and sweater colour?

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