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Shopping Spree

Patrick, Cameron, Tiffany, Daphne, Ron and Robb want to buy an educational DVD
They decide to go shopping at a DVD super store.
The DVD store has six floors.

They each buy one DVD.

The titles of their purchases are : "Fit Kids' Workout", "Get Strong 101", "Energy Blasts", "Home Improvement Ideas", "Create Your Own Dream Garden" and "Camping & Outdoor Survival Skills".

Each one goes directly to the floor selling the DVD.
All enter the same elevator.

Daphne and Ron did not get off on the same floor.
"Get Strong 101" and "Energy Blasts" are sold on the second floor.
Tiffany bought "Fit Kids' Workout".
Ron did not buy  "Home Improvement Ideas".
The elevator did not stop on the fifth floor.
Daphne did not buy "Create Your Own Dream Garden".
Patrick bought "Get Strong 101".
The person who bought "Camping & Outdoor Survival Skills" was the last off.
"Fit Kids' Workout" is sold on the third floor.
Robb got off with Daphne.
Cameron got off the elevator with Patrick.

Question : Which DVD did each person buy?

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