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Wine Tour


Côme, Pat, Richelle and Ron go on a wine tour.
They visit Château des Charmes, Thirty Bench, Pilleteri and Cave Springs wineries.
They purchase a bottle of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Gamay and Rosé.
They pay $19.95, $24.95, $15.95 and $10.95 for the bottles of wine.

- The Merlot is not purchased by Côme. It is not from Thirty Bench or Cave Springs wineries and does not  cost $24.95 or $15.95.
- Côme  does not pay $19.95 for a bottle of wine and does not visit Thirty Bench or Cave Springs.
- Richelle does not buy Gamay and she does not visit Château des Charmes or Pilleteri wineries.
- The Gamay does not come from Château des Charmes.
- Ron pays $15.95 for the Rosé but does not visit the Cave Springs winery.

Question : Who owns which bottle of wine and how much did it cost? Which winery does each person visit?

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