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It's 7am at the local McDonald's.
Five people,(Camille, David, Zoe, Delphine and Sparky) are standing in line.
In no particular order, their last names are : Luongo, LeBron, Ichiro, Sabathia and Nowitzki.
Each orders a different breakfast meal : an Egg McMuffin, a Sausage McMuffin, a  Big Breakfast, Hotcakes and Hash Browns.

Delphine was served just before the person who ordered the egg McMuffin, and just after Nowitzki.
LeBron didn't order the Big Breakfast.
One customer was served just before and just after Zoe and Sparky, in some order.
The person who ordered the Hash Browns was served just before Camille (who isn't Luongo), and just after Ichiro.
The person who ordered the Hotcakes was served sometime before the one who ordered the sausage McMuffin.
Sabathia was served sometime before either Zoe or the person who ordered Big Breakfast, but not both of them.

Can you find out the full name of each customer, the type of breakfast each ordered, and the order in which they were served?

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