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NHL Farm Teams

Due to declining attendance, the National Hockey League has decided to move eight minor league hockey teams.
Each team is affiliated to a different NHL team.
The eight hockey teams will now be based in the towns of  : Cochrane, Gravenshurst, New Liskeard, Owen Sound, Sudbury, Sturgeon Falls, Warren, Wanapitei.

The new team names are the : Awkards, Dorks, Menaces, Muggers, Peanuts, Stinkers, Wussies, Smellies.

The major league teams they are affiliated with are the : Senators, Canadiens, Leafs, Rangers, Penguins, Canucks, Flames, Oilers.

1- The top four teams in the ranking are, in no particular order, New Liskeard, the Canucks farm team (which                   finished second), the Menaces and the Stinkers.
2- The Rangers  affiliate finished immediately ahead of Owen Sound.
3- Sudbury  isn't the Penguins farm team.
4- The Wussies finished immediately ahead of Warren, which finished immediately ahead of the Flames farm team.
5- The Senators affiliate finished one place behind Wanapitei, which finished one place behind the Awkwards.
6- The Flames farm team isn't in New Liskeard.
7- The Dorks (who aren't the Canucks' affiliate) didn't finish last.
8- The Sturgeon Falls Smellies finished one place ahead of the Penguins farm team and two places ahead of                the Muggers.
9- The Wanapitei team isn't named the Stinkers or the Menaces.
10- The Peanuts aren't from Owen Sound.
11- The New Liskeard team isn't named the Awkwards or the Muggers.
12- Cochrane  finished one place behind the Menaces.
13- The Stinkers finished somewhere ahead of the Oilers farm team (which isn't in Wanapitei).
14- The Leafs  farm team isn't the Muggers.

Question :
Can you find each minor league team's town, name, and major league affiliation, and discover how the teams ranked in last year's season?

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