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Swimming Lessons
front crawl

The community aquatic pool is offering free swimming lessons to married couples.
The pool's specialty is the dolphin kick.
Mr. and Mrs. Mancusso and four other couples each want to learn a different stroke.

- Frank is not Mr.Thorburn
- Frank, Tom and John are not learning the back stroke.
- Neither Mrs.Thorburn nor Alyssa are learning the crawl and they are not married to Tom or Eric.
- Mr. Anderson is not Frank.
- Neither Katie nor Mr. Anderson are learning the butterfly.
- Ben, Eric and Missy's husband sometimes have lunch together.
- Ben who is not married to Gina is learning the crawl.
- Three women, Mrs.Beaver, Mrs. Anderson and Katie are not learning the back stroke.
- Alyssa and Mrs. Ellert are good friends.
- Mr Beaver is not Frank nor Tom.
- Mr.Thorburn and Louise are not learning the breast stroke.

Can you name each couple and identify the stroke they are learning?

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