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Dodo Time

Four children : Luc, Darquise, Kitsi and Côme are 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old.
At bed time, 19h, 20h, 21h and 22h, their parents sing them a song, tell them a story, read them a poem or play music for them.

Hints    :  - Luc is neither 1 nor 3 years old.
                 - The  3 year old is in bed at 21h without poetry or music.
                 - Kitsi does not have bed time at 19h nor 21h.
                 - No music for Luc or Côme.
                 - Darquise is more than 2 years old and sleeps to music after 20h.
                 - The one year old is sung to by the parents.

Question:  What is the bed time and nightly ritual for each child?

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