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A New Friend

Five children,  Richelle, Janique, Solange, Richard and Mona are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 years old.
They receive a donkey, a hamster, a rabbit, a duck and a dog.
The donators were a cousin, an uncle, an aunt, the father and the sister.

Hints    :  - Richelle, who is less than eight years old, got a rabbit but not from an aunt nor a cousin.
                 - The five year old child does not have a sister and did not get a donkey nor a duck.
                 - The six year old,  who received a hamster from the father, is neither Richard nor Solange.
                 - The duck was not given to Solange. The cousin hates ducks.
                 - Janique, who is ten years old, received neither the dog nor the duck from her uncle.

Question : Can you discover the gifts and the age of each child?

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