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Linda, Clarice, Nancy and Jeannette are 33, 34, 35 and 36 years old.
Their cats are named Minou, Matou, Minoune and Toutou.

These cats are Burmese, Tom, Persian and Siamese.

Hints :  - Linda's cat in not Minoune.
              - Nancy is not 34 years old.
              - Matou, the Siamese cat , does not belong to Clarice or Linda nor to 36 year old.
              - The Tom cat is not Minou and does not belong to the 36 year old woman.
              - Jeannette, the Burmese cat's owner, is 1 year younger than the propriotor of Toutou who is not a Tom cat.
              - A 34 year old owns the Tom cat.

Questions : Who owns which cat? How old is each woman?

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