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Answer :

Ronald - cold - hostess - Pitouneville
François - dizziness - steward - Kirkland Lake
Luciano - intoxication - co-pilot - Hanmer
Roland - depression - passenger - V-Town

Correction sent by Marc-Olivier

The first statement, "- The hostess did not replace Ronald and was not going to V-Town or Kirkland Lake", contradicts the answer shown below, Ronald - cold - hostess - Pitouneville.
After solving the problem, it came to my attention that, while the 3 latter categories are organized correctly, the names given with each are wrong, the right answers would read as follow:

Ronald = V-Town, Depressive, Passenger
Francois = Hanmer, Intoxicated, Copilot
Luciano = Pitouneville, Cold, Hostess
Roland = Kirkland Lake, Dizziness, Steward

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