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Which word does NOT belong with the others?
Thanks Solitary

1. a. leopard,   b. cougar,  c. elephant,   d. lion
2. a. couch,   b. rug,   c. table,   d. chair
3. a. tape,   b. twine,   c. cord,  d. yarn
4. a. guitar,   b. flute,   c. violin,   d. cello
5. a. tulip,   b. rose,   c. bud,   d. daisy
6. a. tire,   b. steering wheel,   c. engine,   d. car
7. a. parsley,  b. basil,   c. dill,   d. mayonnaise
8. a. branch,   b. dirt,   c. leaf,   d. root
9. a. unimportant,  b. trivial,   c. insignificant,   d. familiar
10. a. book,   b. index,   c. glossary,   d. chapter
11. a. noun,   b. preposition,   c. punctuation,   d. adverb
12. a. cornea,   b. retina,   c. pupil,   d. vision
13. a. rye,   b. sourdough,   c. pumpernickel,   d. loaf
14. a. inch,   b. ounce,   c. centimetre,  d. yard
15. a. street,   b. freeway,   c. interstate,   d. expressway
16. a. dodge,   b. flee,   c. duck,   d. avoid
17. a. heading,  b. body,   c. letter,   d. closing

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