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1. b. soup    (Coffee goes into a cup and soup goes into a bowl.)
2. d. restaurant     (A gym is a place where people exercise. A restaurant is a place where people eat.)
3. c. skateboard    (An oar puts a rowboat into motion. A foot puts a skateboard into motion.)
4. d. page    (A window is made up of panes, and a book is made up of pages.)
5. c. noisily   (Secretly is the opposite of openly, and silently is the opposite of noisily.)
6. b. law   (An artist makes paintings; a senator makes laws.)
7. b. musician   (An actor performs in a play. A musician performs at a concert.)
8. a. arrogant   (Careful and cautious are synonyms. Boastful and arrogant are also synonyms.)
9. d. fish   (A group of lions is called a pride. A group of fish swim in a school.)
10 . a. decrease   (Guide and direct are synonyms, and reduce and decrease are synonyms.)
11 . b. ounce    (A yard is a larger measure than an inch and a  quart is a larger measure than an ounce.)
12 . c. daisy    (A lizard is a type of reptile; a daisy is a type of flower.)
13 . b. ignorant    (Elated is the opposite of despondent; enlightened is the opposite of ignorant.)
14 . d. sleep    (A marathon is a long race and hibernation is a lengthy period of sleep.)
15 . a. terrified     (The words are synonyms.)
16 . d. direction     (Instruments used to measure.)
17.  a. gloomy    (Expressing outlooks.)
18.  c. elastic    (A sponge is a porous material. Rubber is an elastic material.)
19 . d. untruthful    (Opposing traits.)
20 . d. tailor   (A pen is a tool used by a poet. A needle is a tool used by a tailor.)

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