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Airline Travel
Delta Airline,  flight #44,  is boarding for departure.
Harper, Obama and Sarkozy are the pilot, the co-pilot and the flight attendant (not necessarily respectively).
Three passengers with the same names (Harper, Obama and Sarkozy) are also aboard the airplane.

(1) Mr. Harper is a passenger. He lives in Davos.
(2) The co-pilot lives exactly halfway between Cornwall and Davos.
(3) Mr. Obama is a passenger. He has exactly $2,000 in his wallet.
(4) The co-pilot's’s nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, has exactly three times as much money in his wallet as the co-pilot.
(5) Sarkozy is not a passenger. He beats the pilot at backgammon.
(6) The passenger whose name is the same as the co-pilot’s lives in Cornwall.
Question : Who is the flight attendant?

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