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Academic Success Program

academic success program
"Tricks of the Grade" is a new program based on a national, award-winning academic success program for college and high school students.

"Tricks of the Grade" program has been presented to more than 110,000 college freshmen on 450 college campuses,  as well as to thousands of high school students.

"Tricks of the Grade" guarantee : If you do not like what you learn in the program, they will refund within 90 days of the date of purchase.
They will give you $100 for any course you receive less than a "B" after applying the 10 tricks.

Tricks of the Grade Action Program is designed for :
    * students who believe they can do much better in school if they only knew how
    * students who are afraid that college will be too tough to for them
    * students who are stressing themselves out just to maintain a "good" GPA
    * students who obsess over their grades, but want more out of college than just a high GPA
    * building a student's self confidence
    * improving a student's character (in and outside the classroom)
    * strengthening a student's relationship with his or her professors 
    * giving students access to information most students don't have and/or don't know how to get
    * showing a student how to stand head and shoulders above all other students

Click here to obtain more information : "Tricks of the Grade"