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Free eBooks For Children
Adults may also read them!

Children’s books that educate young audiences on mental health and wellness.
Facilitate a conversation among parents, teachers and children about issues relating to mental health and wellness in a non-threatening manner.
Address a variety of emotional, behavioural and neurodevelopmental conditions and recognize the importance of family, school, and community in promoting the potential of every child.

Catch a falling star

Catch a Falling Star provides its readers with a variety of symptoms that could be considered red flags in a child s emotional and social development.
This book is intended as an introduction to the topic of mental health in addition to educating children about the importance of sharing their thoughts and worries with a caregiver.

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Fix It

I Can Fix It focuses on educating our audiences about Asperger's Syndrome, one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

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Hole in One

A Hole In One addresses the topic of anxiety disorder in children specifically anxiety about going to school and performance.
This book provides children with anxiety an opportunity to identify with their thoughts, feelings and actions through the young character in the book.

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Lucky Ducky

Lucky Horsedhoes addresses the topic of ADHD in children. The book illustrates through its images and words the feelings and thoughts of an ADHD child.

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He Shoots He Scores is a children's book dealing with child and youth mental health challenges and stigma.

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Project: Kids, Let’s Talk explores the challenges faced while young and living in a military environment.
The book deals with anxiety and isolation as a result of moving to a different base, being away from a best friend, and starting a new school.

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