Personality Profile Using The Pig Method

Pig Test.

Interpretation of your personality profile using the pig method

Look at your pig drawing.

If you have drawn your pig :

- Near the top of the page, you are an optimist and a very positive person.

- Near the middle of the page, you are a realist.

- Near the bottom of the page, you are a pessimist and probably have a negative attitude.

- Facing left, you probably believe in traditions, are lovable and have a remarkable memory for dates and birthdays.

- Facing you, you are direct, love playing the devil's advocate and never avoid discussions.

- Facing right, you are active and innovative but have difficulty remembering dates.

- With many details, you are analytic, prudent and careful.

- With few details, you are emotional and naive and love to take risks.

- With four visible legs, you are opinionated, clings to ideals and sellf-confident.

- With less than four visible legs, you are insecure and are presently going through a period of change.

  Please notice
- The size of your pig's ears indicate your attentiveness to others. Big ears mean you are very attentive to others.

-The length of your pig's tail is proportionate to your sex life...The longer, the better!

- This method has not been proven scientifically. Laugh it up, it is a joke!

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