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Relay Race
Thanks L. Fielitz


Purpose: This warm-up game assists with hand-eye coordination and communication.

Equipment: One ball for each line.

Description: The Relay Race is played with 3-6 participants (depending on throwing ability) that are in a line. There should be at minimum of 2 lines but can be as many as space allows.

The lines should be spaced far enough apart to reduce the chance of participants colliding if they need to chase errant throws. The participants in each line should be spread far enough from each other to allow for strong passes from participant to participant. Play starts with a ball lying on the ground slightly away from the furthest participant. That participant runs to collect the ball and then passes it to their partner who then passes it along in their designated line.
The teacher/coach may determine how many times the ball goes back and forth from the starting position to the final spot, but the ball should travel from participant 4 (Figure below shows the start as participant 4) to participant 3 to participant 2 to participant1. If two loops are to be completed, participant 1 would then throw back to participant 2, etc.
The optimal way to complete the game is to make accurate passes to the dominant side of the participant you are passing to and to keep the lines as straight as possible. The winning line is the team that secures the ball on the designated spot without skipping a participant.

  1. Increase difficulty: The game may also be started with a moving ball to create a more game-like scenario.

  2. Increase difficulty: Participants move to designated positions on the field when catching the ball.

Relay race

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