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Hand Game
Thanks L. Fielitz


Purpose: This warm-up game works to improve hand-eye control

Equipment: One to two balls (can use a variety of different balls from Nerf balls to playground balls)

Description: Hand Game is played with 2 or more players. Multiple participants are formed into a circle and work down to a triangle (3 players) and then to one on one. The idea is to use your hands to the best of your ability without catching a ball.

Play starts when one participant tosses a ball (underhand) to another participant. That participant must transfer the ball to any other participant using anything on their body to transfer it to another participant, with the exception of a physical throw. The ball must also be at a minimum of waist level in height.
Once the ball is transferred, the participant receiving the ball must not catch it or let it hit the ground. Typically, that participant may stop the ball’s path with their body and then transfer it onto another participant. They can use any other appendage/joint to control the ball to include foot, knee, shoulder, etc.

A participant is “out” when they:

  1. Drop the ball while possessing it.

  2. The ball hits their body and falls to the ground. For example, Participant 1 transfers the ball to Participant 2, but the ball hits Participant 2 in the leg and falls to the ground.

  3. A participant transfers the ball and the path of the ball is lower than the waist of the participant receiving the ball.

  4. Once a person is “out” they continue warm-up activities specific to the activity of the day i.e. soccer passes, volleyball sets, softball throws, etc.

Hand Game

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