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Tag Games

How many tag games can you play? Try these :
1- Simple Running Tag
2- Poison Tag  ("It" keeps his/her hand on the spot where tagged.)
3- Ball Tag  (Throw it to tag the other players)
4- Stunt Tag  (Tag in a designated manner : both hands clasping head, tag with elbow, tag with little finger..)
5- Double Tag  (In couples, holding hands, tagging with outside hands)
6- Chain Tag  (Tagged players must join hands with "It")
7- Stoop Tag  (Squat for safety from "It")
8- Ostrich Tag  (To be safe from "It" use ostrich position - right arm under left knee standing on one leg)
9- Cross Tag  (A player is free when another player crosses under his /her legs)
10- Wall Tag   (Player is safe when he/she touches a designated wall)
11- Hook Tag  (Partners are linked on inside arms, outside hand on hip. Runner is safe when he/she hooks
       up to the pair.The other partner must drop off to be chased. If caught, they also become "It".)
12- Freight Train Tag  (Three players in a single file, clasping hands around waist of the other person
      forming engine, car and caboose. "It" tries to tag a caboose while the train runs, twists and turns.
       When "It"succeeds the engine becomes "It".)

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