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Running Gauntlet

Equipment : Small sponge balls, beanbags and two hoops

Formation :
Divide the group into two teams.
Team 1 is divided into two groups, one on each side of the play area.
Team 2 lines up along the end of the play area.
At the other end place a hoop which contains twelve to fifteen beanbags.

Method :
All members of team 1 have a sponge ball in hand.

Team 2 sends five team members at a time to get a beanbag from the hoop at the other end of the gym.

As they run, team 1 tries to hit them with a sponge ball.
Only one throw for each group of five runners.

It the runners are struck by a sponge ball, they must go back.
They try to bring back a beanbag without being hit by a ball.

Change positions

Ouch...heads up!

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