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Equipment : Twenty beangags , ten red ones and ten blue ones. Two hoops.

Formation :
Form two equal numbered teams.
Each stand on its own side of the centre line.

Method :
Place ten beanbags (red) and one hoop at one end of the play area.
Place ten beanbags (blue) and one hoop at the other end of the play area.
Place the beanbags in the centre of a hoop.
Place hoops and beanbags behind an end zone line (Heaven).

On a signal, one team tries to invade the other team's territory to steal their rocks (beanbags).
If the invaders reach heaven, they may not be tagged.
Invaders wait patiently in Heaven for an appropriate moment to steal one rock and run home.

Invaders who are tagged before reaching Heaven , must kneel on one knee.
They can be set free if touched on the hand by a teamate.
Invaders who are tagged with a rock in hand must return  the rock to the opponents hoop.

Play two ten minute periods.
Change roles.
Team with the most rocks are champ.

Rock On!

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