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Pin Ball

Equipment : Two hoops, two Indian clubs, one 7" utility ball

Skills : Control, send, receive

Procedure :
Two teams having three to eight players on each side.
Place one hoop at each end of the playing area.
Place one Indian club standing upright  inside of each hoop.
The object of the game is to knock over the opponent's pin (Indian club) by throwing the ball.
Players can not take more than three steps when having the ball in their possession.
Players may not hold the ball more than three seconds.
No personal contact is allowed.
Violation of any of these rules results in a free throw at the opponent's pin from the area
where the infraction occured.
No one can touch the pin with their hands.
If the pin falls while someone is defending, a point is given to the other team.
Develop passing skills to win.

Variations :
Throw the ball underhand only.
Throw the ball overhand only.
Throw the ball with two hands.
Put two balls in play at the same time.

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